January 5th, 2011

Bedding Wars

So the other morning, Julie was sick and the contents of her bottle left her stomach and ended up on our bed, which meant we got to wash much of the bedding, but not the comforter. Katie solved that problem the next day, by getting sick on our comforter, but none of the rest of the bed.

Last night, Julie was sick on the bed in the guest bedroom. That bedding still needs to be washed.

It's become a lower priority, because fuzzbucket_cat has decided, in solidarity with the younger members of the family, to pee on our bed tonight. So that bedding has gone to the laundry room and about half of it is in the washer. The bedding that I washed previously has come back up and been placed on the bed.

Meanwhile, daisy_knotwise is feeling sick to her stomach.


So far, I've dodged this bullet.