January 15th, 2011

Bad Ear! No Biscuit!

Last night, I was up late working on the schedule for Capricon when I heard Katie moaning in her room. I thought she had had a nightmare, but it turned out she had acquired her first serious earache. I had to wake daisy_knotwise to find out where the children's ibuprofen suspension was. I might as well not have bothered, because Katie refused to take it, saying it was "Yucky!"

I would have thought that the earache would have been yuckier. *sigh* However, the half hour of fighting and shouting that ensued seems to have relieved some of the pressure as she was able to go back to sleep subsequently. Today, the earache seems to have subsided.

Which is good.

She would not take it from a cup.
She would not take it from a syringe.
So Mom and Dad are still both up
And all that we can do is cringe.