February 2nd, 2011

Snow My God!

So I went out to move the snow. Thank God for the snowblower, without which this would have been absolutely deadly. The officially tally at O'Hare was 20.3 inches, the third largest storm on record. Arlington Heights and Elk Grove Village reported 22 inches.

My driveway reported a whole lot of snow. Like snow that was easily higher than the end of the output chute from the snowblower. This made moving the snow a whole lot of fun.

I carved a path one snowblower wide to the bottom of the drive and then studied the problem of how to turn around. I eventually carved out a circle down there as a turning zone and went back to it.

After something over an hour, I had cleared the driveway once. This meant that the snow was removed to a depth where the snowblower could actually remove the rest of the snow. But at that point the snowblower ran out of gas, so I took this as a sign to take a break and go in and have lunch.

Forty-five minutes later, I headed back out again. Cleaning off the remaining snow from the driveway wasn't too hard.

Clearing the front walk, however, was. That had something to do with the taller-than-Katie drift that was blocking it. I let the snowblower munch on it until it hit the steps, then gave up and pulled out the shovel to clear the steps and the porch. That done, I did a bit of cleanup where I'd blown snow into the garage and headed in.

My clothes were completely sodden. They're drying out, as am I.

And in just a minute, I'm having a hot shower.

Because I deserve it.

Snow Way Out

A private plowing service apparently was contracted to snowblow a driveway just short of the circle in our cul-de-sac, so they plowed up to that point. Unfortunately, that didn't help us, because there is no way we're getting through the two feet of snow in the circle.

Fortunately, the city snowplow has now arrived.

Unfortunately, the city snowplow is now stuck in the two feet of snow.


There will be pictures later.