February 16th, 2011

Daddy's Big Girl

samwinolj was good enough to take daisy_knotwise to her colonoscopy yesterday, so I took Katie and Julie over to the McDonald's PlayPlace for lunch so they could run around for a while until it was time to pick Gretchen up. At one point during the process, I lost track of Katie for a bit.

It turns out that a younger child had managed to consign his precious pacifier to an inaccessible part of the climbing structure that can only be gotten into by an employee with a key. And Katie, who had seen something of ours retrieved from that space once, went off, found an employee, explained the situation, and got them to come back with a key and retrieve the pacifier.

I'm suitably impressed, not just that she knew how to do it, but that she did it to help out a younger child and his mother.