March 1st, 2011

I Like Candy

daisy_knotwise went out and ordered her dress for catalana's wedding tonight while I kept Katie and Julie occupied at the play area at Woodfield Mall. She came back by and, since we were already in the mall, we had dinner at Red Robin. Then, since we were almost out of milk, we swung by Oberweis to pick some up. And since Katie had been lobbying for a milkshake, we went in and got one for her and Julie.

And since Katie wanted to play the Candy Land game they had there, we checked it out and played it. And since she really, really enjoyed playing it, I ran into Wal-Mart on the way home and bought the girls their own copy of the game.

Katie plays the game fairly successfully. Julie, not so much so.

But she'll get there.

Board, Board, Board

Meanwhile, I see that motherboards with the LGA 1155 socket are starting to hit the market again, so I assume that Intel's new silicon is rippling through the marketplace. Sadly, the motherboard that I want to use to rebuild the studio computer isn't available yet, but I trust it will be soon.