March 7th, 2011

Pop On, Pop!

Katie was begging for "yellow popcorn" yesterday afternoon. What this meant was that she wanted a bag of the stuff from the store covered with the fake butter substance and salt that you find when you cruise the chips and snacks aisle. Daddy promised her something better.

So last night, daisy_knotwise staggered off after dinner for her long-delayed nap and I stayed downstairs with the girls watching TV. I grabbed a microwave-safe dish and threw about a third of a stick of real butter in it, then popped it into the microwave to melt. When that was done, I filled the microwave popper with popcorn and set the process in motion.

While the popcorn popped, Katie went to the cabinet and pulled down three of the red and white striped plastic popcorn containers that we'd bought for the purpose. And when the popping was done, I put a third of the popcorn into each container, drizzled butter into each one, added popcorn salt, and shook well.

It was excellent popcorn. Katie and Julie concurred.

And Katie has been bugging Mommy ever since for more of Daddy's yellow popcorn. I've explained to her that this kind of popcorn is for special occasions.

We'll see how that goes...