March 13th, 2011

One Down

And all of the credit card statement items are now entered in the spreadsheet for the taxes. This means I can pick up my reimbursement for them from the Dodeka account now.

In addition to that, I found all of the storage charges for the Windycon storage locker so I can get reimbursed for them too. This all should make it a bit easier to pay the property tax bill. :)

Another Taxing Situation

The Dodeka taxes are almost done. I have a bit of data entry left to do, including some that requires me to get info from one of our vendors and another bit that requires crawling through my e-mail, then I get to go over the return and make sure everything has been correctly updated correctly, fill out the forms, and drop them in the mail.

Then I get to collect the data for the taxes for my father's trust and for our taxes and get them off to the accountant. And once that's done, I can get back to the ISFiC Press financials.