March 30th, 2011

One of Those Days

I woke up way too early this morning and did some work before crawling back into bed to try to correct the sleep imbalance. Then it turned out that I'd made a mistake on the tax paperwork that I took to the accountant yesterday, so I've been running around trying to get that corrected.

Because I had a phone meeting scheduled with an unhappy client around lunch time, I decided to eat the leftover pizza in the fridge for breakfast. Something in it disagreed with the periodically troublesome lower left rear molar which now appears to be most assuredly cracked, as I discovered when I tried to chew on it at lunch. And when I called my dentist, I discovered that they're on vacation, returning tomorrow.

daisy_knotwise is doing a mound of laundry and I'm going to be frantically writing checks for all the bills to go in the mail tomorrow. Thankfully, my dentist's office has called back and I have an appointment for 8:30 AM to go see them.

Which is good, because we're all supposed to drive out on our way to FilKONtario tomorrow afternoon.

I hope.

Wish us luck!