April 5th, 2011


In other news, I have managed to annoy my surgically repaired knee somehow on the long drive home. When I move in the wrong direction, it tells me in its own subtle way that I should not do that.

With luck, it'll be better tomorrow after a good night's rest. But I think I'll be careful with it for a while.

Dressing Like a Penguin

FilkOntario has an annual at-con songwriting contest where they provide you with the list of required words and you have to construct a song using all of them. One of the words is always "penguin". The other five words this year were "devious", "thighs", "chocolate", "relieved", and "loremaster". I thought about this for a bit and realized that I could manage a song using these. So I did.

I placed second, behind harperjen's "42 -- No, Chocolate!", which was just fine. (And with any luck, she'll get around to posting her lyrics. :) )

But here are mine...
Collapse )

I Hate It When the Warranty Expires

So on Thursday, I had a tooth yanked before heading out to FilkOntario. Very early Friday morning, I kicked my guitar case in my hotel room, cracking a toe on my right foot. While driving home yesterday, I managed to do something to my left knee that I suspect is a strain of some kind, but which is capable of making things very uncomfortable when I move the wrong way.

I hate it when the warranty expires.