April 16th, 2011


It is a cold, rainy, weekend day in April. This means that little girls who want to be riding their bicycles and tricycles are confined to the house with Mommy and Daddy, which is not a good recipe for anyone's sanity.

This has caused me to go thoroughly mad. As a result, I have set out to excavate some of the huge piles of stuff that are covering horizontal surfaces all over the house.

We started by picking up the stuff on the floor in the family room and living room. That's mostly done and improves conditions downstairs substantially. We then headed off to our bedroom, where we've uncovered the small bookcase, the two large speakers, and the top of the dresser.

Sadly, a good chunk of the top of the dresser has migrated to my office desk, which is one of the next targets for excavation.

Maybe tomorrow...