May 7th, 2011

The Pre-Mother's Day Special

I knew one of the things that daisy_knotwise would want for Mother's Day: she would love to go to Walker Brothers and have one of their wonderful omelets and pancakes. I also knew that there would be no way to get within half a mile of the front door on Mother's Day.

So this afternoon, I helped Gretchen pick up and put away many of the things that the girls had scattered about the house, because a cleaner house is always good for Gretchen's mood. Then I took the girls to McDonald's where they could run around the PlayPlace while Gretchen put down some of the ant bait for the ants who have found a new way into the house, because Gretchen had no intention of messing with the ant bait -- even if it is non-toxic -- with two little girls trying to help.

Gretchen came and met me at McDonald's. Then I took Julie off to Office Depot Staples (Office Depot closed as I pulled into the parking lot) to pick up a free-standing file rack to use in the kitchen to dispatch the variety of monthly statements that show up in the mail while Gretchen took Katie off to Michaels to pick up a number of things she'd been looking for.

Then we rendezvoused at home, loaded the girls back into the van, and headed off to Walker Brothers for dinner.

And there was much rejoicing. :)


While I was at Staples with Julie this afternoon, I spent a bit of time playing with the Nook Color. (This was a challenge with Julie waiting for me.) I don't really need an e-book reader, but I would like a portable web browsing device that's handier than a laptop and bigger than my iPod Touch. I looked at a couple of web pages that I frequent on the device and it seemed to work pretty well.

Is there any reason not to get a Nook Color? Is there some other device that I should be looking at instead? (Because buyer's remorse is just really annoying...)