May 11th, 2011


So I took off a bit early from work to go to tonight's Cubs/Cards game down at Wrigley Field. The weather had been threatening for much of the afternoon and there had been a brief storm in Des Plaines around 4 PM.

After the top of the third inning, the deluge hit. This was the hardest rain that I've ever seen at the ballpark with a fierce west wind that drove the rain sideways all through the Clark Street side of the lower deck. (Probably the upper deck too, but I wasn't there to get wet from that.)

We finally abandoned ship and headed down to the concourse where we found that the rain had come down so quickly that it was fountaining up through the floor drain near where we were standing. Despite all this, it was only a 53 minute rain delay.

Unfortunately, the Cards starter had completely lost his stuff during the delay. The Cubs promptly scored 6 runs, tacked on more later off of Ryan Franklin (who surely cannot be long for the Cards roster), and ended up winning 11 to 4.