May 13th, 2011

Down Memory Lane

It has been 25 years since I wrote the first C-language version of our calculation module. If you look carefully at the current code, you can still find that switch/case statement. :)

(It's been edited quite a bit since then, of course...)

Wait Ten Minutes

Yesterday: temperatures in the high eighties, humidity unbearable.

Today: temperatures in the fifties and falling rapidly.

I know the weather around here is changeable, but this is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, spring appears to have been hijacked again.

Fatal Stupidity

When I headed out for a late lunch this afternoon, I discovered that Mount Prospect Road was closed at Golf Road. Later, I found out why. Someone drove a semi loaded with chunks of broken concrete around the lowered crossing gates at Northwest Highway and into the path of a Metra train.

Thankfully, it looks like only the truck driver was killed.