May 21st, 2011

Compulsive Filing

daisy_knotwise observes that I must want to be able to demonstrate that I can control something in my life. (This after the fiasco of the last two days at work, when I discovered that the VM that they would like me to use for my primary development was reimaged with the wrong OS at some point after they assigned it to me, something that would have destroyed any of the work that I had done on the machine. Fortunately, I hadn't started using it yet. Unfortunately, I really wanted to use it right now for a project that I"m working on. It's being like that.)

So several weeks ago, I bought a file rack with the intention of our being able to use it to file away the assorted bits of financial and other paperwork that has filled a large tub on the counter in our kitchen. (When I say large, I mean bigger than a cubic foot.) And while Gretchen went out shopping with Katie, I sat filing papers away while Julie watched Wow, Wow, Wubbzy.

By the time Gretchen and Katie got home, I had made a substantial dent in the paperwork. Gretchen finished it off while I played Go Fish with Katie using the new cards she'd gotten while shopping.

And one project is done.