May 30th, 2011

Yet Another Restaurant Closing

I had a wonderful time at Marcon and may get around to saying more about it later.

But I got home around midnight last night where daisy_knotwise and Katie were up waiting for me and happy to see me. Julie had already crashed out. And eventually, a good night's sleep was had by all.

I had managed to eat twice at Max & Erma's while in Columbus. Gretchen greatly enjoys their tortilla soup, so I figured it would be fair to take her to lunch at the Max & Erma's on Rand Rd. just a bit north of Lake-Cook Road.

Except the restaurant was closed, so we ended up eating at an Old Country Buffet instead.

The nearest open Max & Erma's is in Mishawaka, Indiana, some 90 miles away.

I'm thinking that's a bit far to go for tortilla soup.