June 24th, 2011

Plumbing the Depths

Prompted by the near power outage the other night (and the massive power outages in the area that took a day or more to restore), I went down in the basement to take a look at the plumbing there. Because the first thing you worry about in a power outage is the plumbing, right?

Actually, in our case, we do, because we have an ejector pit that tosses the waste water up into the overhead sewers. So when the power goes out, we have to worry about things like flushing toilets and the like.

Or so I thought. After a careful inspection of the plumbing stack, it looks like the only water that flows into the ejector pit comes from the washing machine and the not-connected-to-anything plumbing rough out for a basement bathroom.

That's good news. I can get by without power for a lot longer than I can get by without a toilet. :)