July 20th, 2011

Erica Stormbringer

Apparently, there was quite a thunderstorm last night with impressive thunder and lightning.

Equally impressively, everyone slept through it except for two residents of the house: the visiting catalana and the thunder-hating fuzzbucket_cat.

Erica was sleeping in the guest bedroom upstairs when there was a thumping at the door and piteous mewling from outside. When she got up and opened the door to go to the bathroom, Fuzzbucket shot into the room and hid under the bed. He could not be persuaded to leave, so Erica gave up, left the door ajar, and went back to sleep.

This lasted until the thunderstorm passed, Fuzzbucket wanted out, and proceeded to stand on top of Erica's shin ("putting all of his weight on one paw on my shin", she said) until she opened the already-open door.

Fuzzbucket walked out of the room and Erica closed the door and went back to bed.

*sigh* That's our cat...