July 23rd, 2011

Who'll Stop the Rain?

Apparently, the thunderstorms last night chained in a straight line across the Chicago area and just kept regenerating for hours. We got seven inches of rain from the storm. This was enough rain in a short enough time that -- for the first time since we've been here -- we had a foot of water at the bottom of the yard, based on the height of the line on the fence. This was enough water to cover the electrical box down there. Fortunately, it appears to have been waterproof.

Sudden Dyson Death

So after vacuuming a bit with the new Dyson upstairs, I took it down to the basement to work on the carpets there which were in desperate need of vacuuming. It worked well for a bit, then clogged fatally and refused to restart.

We've removed the hair that had wrapped around the beater bar, but that didn't fix the problem. An undocumented hose was full of carpet lint -- daisy_knotwise managed to unplug that and clear it. Still no joy.

The Dyson helpline closes at 3 PM Central time, so it looks like we won't get to them until tomorrow.

Not an auspicious start.