July 25th, 2011

We're On the Eve of Disruption

Actually, it turns out that yesterday was the Eve of Disruption. daisy_knotwise thought that Julie was running a fever. I was less sure about this -- Julie commonly feels hot when she's sleeping.

This morning, Julie came in and announced that her tummy hurt. Apparently, it hurt a lot. She threw up a little bit on the bathroom rug, but I suspect that was more due to stress than anything else. The most likely thing was constipation, but combined with the previous night's possible fever, it was probably time to get her checked out, so Gretchen called and made an appointment with our pediatrician while I ran Katie to her swimming lesson.

When I got back, I picked up catalana and syalune so we could run to Staples on an errand. Then it was off to Portillo's to pick up Italian beef for everyone except Julie, who the pediatrician had said to keep on clear liquids until he had a chance to look at her.

Erica and Steve hit the road home at about the same moment that Gretchen headed off to the doc with Julie and Katie. The doctor reports it's likely nothing more than constipation, which is good (and which is starting to clear up). Erica and Steve report they've made it home safe.

So the day was disrupted, but not destructive.

This was good.