September 2nd, 2011

Too Many Years

I am stupidly thrilled that "Too Many Years" has been nominated for a Pegasus Award in the Best Romantic Song category for 2011. For a great many reasons, I'd be hard-pressed to name another song of mine that I more wanted to see on a Pegasus ballot.

You can find sound clips for all of the nominated songs, performers, and composers here. If you're interested in the Pegasus Awards, you should go listen to them. (If not, you might like to go listen to them anyway, because there's a lot of darned fine filk -- darned fine music, for those of you who are less than thrilled by "filk" :) -- sampled there.) And there is nothing that I like better than an informed voter. :)

My slippery memory tells me that the only time that "Too Many Years" appeared on an album was back on the Cactuscon Choruses cassette tape that came out right after the song was written. At that time, daisy_knotwise was still married to her first husband, while I was still unmarried. A wedding and two divorces later, Gretchen and I finally got married to the right person back on August 27, 1994, only seven years after I wrote the song.

You'd think we could have done a better job of figuring things out sooner, wouldn't you?

I intend to put out an album some time that will include "Too Many Years" as the title track. Work and two little girls are slowing the process down. :)

But in the meantime, I needed a sound clip of the song for the Pegasus site. So I went down to the basement and recorded the complete scratch track.

And you can hear it here.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.

Twas the Day After No Pull-Ups Day

And there are, to the best of my knowledge, still no Pull-Ups on Katie (except at night in bed, because that wouldn't be fair -- yet). There has been more than our share of Completely Naked Katie complaining about how her pants hurt her butt when she's wearing underwear instead of Pull-Ups, but I suspect that will fade eventually.

Earlier, she complained that she couldn't go outside and play in the water in her underwear because it would get wet, so could she have a Pull-Up instead? This was an interesting ploy, defused by pointing out to her that she could wear her bathing suit with neither underwear nor Pull-Up. And there was much hose play in the back yard.

I see that she's dressed now. I assume that she's wearing underwear.

I hope.