September 18th, 2011


daisy_knotwise took Katie and Julie out shopping so that I could do some re-recording of tracks from the Grim Roper that desperately needed the fix up. I managed to record all four scratch tracks and (I think) two usable guitar tracks.

Two guitar tracks to go. The vocals should be relatively easy. :)

But everyone's home now, so that's a project for another day.

End of the Line

This lovely little chord progression showed up in my guitar's in basket about two weeks ago and said, "You should do something with me!"

Well, yes, I should. Would you mind letting me know what the song is about?

"That's for me to know and for you to find out."

Big help.

I threw words at the chords. They bounced off. I briefly considered using it in the musical, but it didn't really fit. I threw more words at the chords.

And then I realized that the song was a response to "It's All Right". Or as catalana occasionally says in introducing her lovely response, "Half Past Eternity", "No, it's not!"

Yeah, not really. :)
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