September 29th, 2011

The Furniture Shuffle

And so we set up the new computer in the bay in our bedroom on its nice new computer desk. And we shoved the old desk to one side with the second computer on it.

And it was good.

More or less. daisy_knotwise said, "I'm worried about being able to get to the window to open and close it." This is a valid concern. I can probably wrestle the thing open or closed as long as there's not a T-Rex in the way, but Gretchen is rather smaller than I am.

"We could get a second computer desk and put the wooden desk somewhere else, " I suggested helpfully.

"And where else would we put the desk?"

Well, that was a darned fine question, given that the house is pretty much full of furniture. And I like that old desk -- it belonged to my parents and is about 50 years old, so I don't want to get rid of it. I mulled this over for a while.

"Get the tape measure," I told Gretchen, "and measure the desk. Then measure the space in the hall where the parsons bench is sitting on the landing."

The desk was 41 inches wide. The nook on the landing: 42 inches wide.

Score one for the calibrated eyeballs. :)

So I've now ordered a second computer desk. When it arrives on Monday, Gretchen will assemble it, we'll move the older computer onto it, and we'll move the desk into the hall where the parsons bench is.

The parsons bench? It goes under the window, to make a window seat. And opening the windows shouldn't be difficult at all then...