October 2nd, 2011

Bonus Days

The weather today was gorgeous. Naturally, I had a Windycon meeting this afternoon.

So we made the best of it. daisy_knotwise, Katie, Julie, and I went out to the Red Robin at Woodfield for lunch. Then I walked everyone over to the play area and departed shortly thereafter for the meeting.

Having negotiated all business at the meeting, I made a couple of phone calls on the way home to negotiate Conclave business and then called Gretchen to discover that she was at the park with the girls. I headed on over there, spent time playing with Katie and Julie and talking to Gretchen, then left them there to go pick up barbecue for Gretchen and I from T-Bob's and chicken for the girls from KFC.

And then the Cardinals beat the Phillies to even up the series at a game each.

It was a good day. :)