October 15th, 2011


The Cardinals won tonight against the Brewers, going up three games to two, but needing to win one of the next two games in Milwaukee to clinch a trip to the World Series. Given the Brewers' home record, this is not likely to be an easy task.

We got the girls to bed rather late, then watched an episode of Mike and Molly. daisy_knotwise was feeling under the weather, so she crawled under the covers to go to sleep while I turned down the volume on the TV and watched the postmortem of the Cards game on MLB Network. (Yes, this does work and she can sleep. :) )

I turned off the post-game show and the TV and went to take my contacts out, but before I could get there, I heard plaintive wailing from Katie. When I opened the door to her room, it was immediately apparent that Julie had not just had a tender tummy earlier this week -- she'd had a transmissible bug, because Katie now had it and her bed was no longer fit for human habitation.

I woke Gretchen to tend to Katie while I gathered the bedding. I rinsed out the worst of it, then piled it in a basket and took it to the basement to wash, so we can put it in the dryer and recover Badi in the morning. The pillows were essentially intact and Gretchen gave them a bit of hand-washing in the bathroom after running Katie through the shower.

Katie then requested a story (Curious George and the Pizza Party, the perfect choice for a tender stomach, I'd say), so I read to her while Gretchen took Julie back to bed in the other bedroom.

Katie's in bed now, wastebasket close at hand. Gretchen is still trying to get Julie to go to sleep.

Me? I'm your play-by-play announcer!

We'll see if this puts paid to the planned trip to the pumpkin farm tomorrow. It may not -- Julie recovered pretty quickly...

Angry Elbow

Last night, I started getting shooting pains down my right lower arm, below my elbow, which has been feeling a bit abused for a while. Today, I figured out what the problem was.

I have to stop playing Angry Birds -- at least, on the girls' computer. See, my arm hangs there unsupported, playing with the trackball and the elbow gets strained. This is why my work desk has a right-hand return.

So I could play Angry Birds on this computer...