October 29th, 2011

Adventures in Sam's Club

Normally, when I go to Sam's Club, I go by myself, because turning two little girls loose in a place that large is just asking for it. However, today daisy_knotwise needed to do some sewing to make cloaks for Katie and Julie so that they'll be warm enough while out trick or treating on Halloween and sewing is pretty much impossible with two little girls intruding. Thus, it was one vs. two today in the warehouse club.

It could have been worse. Both girls decided to ride side-saddle on the shopping cart at various times, but neither fell off. Julie wanted a rocking horse. She didn't get it. Katie wanted Lincoln Logs. She didn't get them. Julie wanted the Cars II talking cars and track. She didn't get it. Katie wanted princess clothes for Dolly. She didn't get them.

Katie wanted a large variety of DVDs. We got the new Winnie the Pooh movie that just came out on DVD, which Mommy would heartily approve of. (Daddy also bought the two-pack of Captain America and Thor, neither of which we managed to see in the theater.)

Each girl got a storybook. They got matching fuchsia outfits. (Yes, they wanted matching outfits.)

We got a gallon of honeycrisp apple cider. We got oranges. We got bananas. (We started out bananas.) Katie and Julie charmed all of the folks giving out product samples. They didn't necessarily eat what they got, but they didn't get anything that Daddy couldn't eat, so that worked out ok. In fact, maybe better than ok, as Julie handed Daddy a sample of pumpkin mini-muffin and Daddy came home with a package of them. Mommy also heartily approved of these.

And I managed to remember the wipes, vinegar, cheese, and Halloween candy that I'd come for.

When I got home, Gretchen had finished Julie's cloak. Katie's is still to be finished.

We are not taking the girls back to Sam's Club tomorrow.

Shopping with little girls is expensive. :)