November 30th, 2011

Larry Roesch Chrysler Jeep Dodge Spam

You may remember back to February, 2009, when I was foolish enough to leave our minivan at the night drop at Larry Roesch Chrysler Jeep Dodge, got it back with a cracked windshield that it didn't have when I left it there, and was insulted in the bargain.

When I started getting e-mail spam from them, I went to the link in the e-mail that was provided to unsubscribe from the spam and did so.

Now, I get e-mail from them with no removal link. I replied to the first one on November 16th, explaining why I would no longer do business with them and including a link to the report above.

Today, I got another one and have replied to the bunch of losers there again. I'm sure that they're not reading it at that address. Perhaps they're reading it at the other address included in the e-mail where they're trying to drum up orders. We'll see.

In the meantime, if you don't like spam, perhaps you'd like to try dropping a note to the following e-mail address explaining why: