December 11th, 2011

Will It Go Round in Circles?

We got up really late this morning (having gotten to bed really late the night before) and it's been a challenging day for communication. Agreeing on where to get lunch was an adventure. If it had been possible to send each person to a different place, it would have been simpler, but that's sort of hard with a five year old and a three year old in the mix. :)

We ended up at Portillo's. I decided I wanted chili for dinner, so I went to the Jewel nearby to grab buns for hot dogs while daisy_knotwise, Katie, and Julie finished up. Then we drove to the Home Depot in the same lot so Gretchen could look for things that she wanted, but she found none of them.

Back at home, we continued the laundryfest that had begun before leaving for lunch. I went out and pulled some collapsing fence sections back together and nailed them into place. I'm hoping that will hold them for a while, but we'll see. Then I needed to take care of some Windycon business via e-mail -- which I've finally finished just now. :)

Somewhere in the middle, Katie helped me make the chili. This mostly involved her dumping in opened cans of tomato sauce, tomatoes, and beans, but it's a start. Unfortunately, Katie still doesn't like chili. *sigh*

I feel like we got less accomplished today than we might have. But you do what you can...