December 13th, 2011

Run, Cassie, Run

It has been way too busy at work lately, a situation that makes it really hard to get songs written, because all of that lovely creative energy is going into code bashing. (And there has been a lot of code to bash!)

Nevertheless, songs will manage to get past the great coding barrier. This one started out during Game 6 of the World Series (sort of), got a melody line, got a chorus, got words for the chorus somewhat later.

And stalled out. I'd figured out who the song was about, so it should have been possible to hook the verses up. It just wasn't happening.

Until I was sitting in the parking lot of the Home Depot this weekend with Katie and Julie, waiting for daisy_knotwise to come back from the errand she was running and frantically trying to find something on the radio that would pacify two little girls who did not want to be strapped into their car seats. (Radio Disney worked.)

And the first two lines of the verse arrived -- unrelated to what was on the radio -- and I realized that the problem was that I needed to understand who was actually singing the song.

And now I did.
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