December 28th, 2011

This and That

Reading my work e-mail, I thought I was about to have to cut my Christmas vacation short. After a short discussion, some of the project has been moved to the next release, which should make things possible.

That determined, I went to the studio to work on What's a Hoosier? and discovered that I could not lay hands on the ADAT tape that contains the bonus tracks. I spent some time straightening things out while looking for the tape and found a tape with nothing but an odd vocal track from min0taur on it. This tape was exactly where I would have put the tape with the bonus tracks, but was clearly not it.

Now it happens that the tape went from Wulf, to bedlamhouse, then theoretically to Barry, and then theoretically to me at FilkONtario. So I gave Barry a call. :)

After we chatted, we determined that neither of us remembered whether the tape had gone to FKO. However, there is a suspicious looking ADAT tape on a bookshelf in Barry's living room that he'll be checking out in the next day or so.

And we'll see if that's the misplaced tape.

If not, we'll see if it left Sutton's place. :)