February 17th, 2012


It is perhaps a sign of being a music geek that having recognized that the pattern on Sheldon's whiteboard labeled "Bird" was, in fact, a series of musical notes that I then had to wind the DVR back and pause it on the screen so I could play the tune.

After a moment, I decided that it would be easier to raise it by a half-step, at which point it became much easier to play on the guitar, moving into the very reasonable people's key of G -- as opposed to the annoying key of Gb. Which I suppose wouldn't go very well with wind chimes that were clearly in the key of C. And it's remarkably musical, although I have no idea what the tune was. It sounded vaguely classical, but that doesn't prove much...

But if that's what the mockingbird was singing, he had good taste. :)


I am happy that this work week is over.

That means I can think about working on taxes over the weekend. This is only good news because it's still February, not April 14th.

We'll see how this goes.