March 20th, 2012

I Voted

Have I mentioned how much I hate gerrymandering?

(By the way, can we take as given that my opinion on the subject is "Bad when done by Republicans, bad when done by Democrats, good if we can all manage to give it up, but unilateral disarmament is probably a bad idea as it benefits the crooks in charge."?)

Back In the Saddle Again (Once More With Feeling)

I managed to get back on the exercycle again last Friday, now that it's repaired. Monday and Tuesday were also successful excursions. The Schwinn Airdyne is happily blowing the lubricant from the repaired assembly onto my left leg which has the most interesting collection of water-insoluble gray spots on it, but this will eventually pass.

There will be no exercycle tomorrow as I'm heading into the Loop for meetings in the morning. But if the weather is good, there will be a brisk walk across the Loop and back, so it's not a total exercise loss. :)