June 18th, 2012

Ice, Ice, Baby

A few weeks ago, I found a package of eleven year old Usinger cooked bratwurst in the freezer. We decided to eat some much newer hot dogs instead and disposed of the bratwurst.

Inspired by this find, I set out to remove various items of questionable food from the freezer. These included:

  • Ice-ridden frozen bagels that must have been well over a year old.
  • Eighteen month old snickerdoodles.
  • Another package of eleven year old Usinger cooked bratwurst.
  • Two five year old packages of fresh Jewel bratwurst.
  • A five year old roast.
  • Two mummified sausages.
  • Hamburger patties that were two or three years old.

    I also found some very old Frango mints. I kept those. They may still be good.

    The freezer is much emptier now...