August 28th, 2012

Pack Up Your Troubles...

Worldcon is being exceptionally complicated for an in-town convention, because we are running two dealer tables -- ours and the ISFiC Press table. So we will pack up the van tonight with the Dodeka merchandise (some of which is still in the basement) and our main luggage.

Tomorrow, we will drop Katie off for kindergarten. Then daisy_knotwise, Julie, and I will set off for the Hyatt loading dock. Once the van is unloaded, I will leave Gretchen to start unpacking and head off to Deerfield to pick up some 30 boxes of ISFiC Press books, Julie in tow.

Once I get those back to the loading dock and unloaded, I will turn the van and Julie back over to Gretchen and go continue unpacking both tables. If and when I finish (ok, when I finish), I'll hop on the Blue Line and head out to River Road where Gretchen can pick me up.

Later that night, catalana and Steve should arrive at our house. I'll head down with them in the morning to open the table. Gretchen will drop Katie and Julie off at school and pre-school respectively. She'll pick them up at lunch and will head down to the Hyatt, arriving -- with any luck! -- in time for the concert that Erica, Gretchen, and I have at 1:30 PM.

After that, it gets simpler...


The CDs are in the car. Well, except for one order that is apparently held up in customs. And a couple of other orders that were never acknowledged and probably aren't coming at all.

I'll pack clothes shortly, as they go down tomorrow to minimize the Thursday luggage transport.

The inventory list is updated, the new albums are ripped to the iPod. The directions to the hotel are printed out (and possibly accurate).

Tomorrow, I walk Katie over to school and then we dive into the van and start the fun.

Wish us luck. We'll probably need it. :)