September 9th, 2012

My Body Perplexes Me

There are days when I do not understand my body's repair mechanism.

Back in December, I slipped on a wet floor on a Metra train and rammed my right foot into a post. This hurt a lot and I spent the rest of the day limping around in great pain. I spent a few days with a cane after that until things got more or less back to normal, except that every so often, I would step wrong and there would be a horrible shooting pain up through my Achilles tendon. This continued for months until it finally (I think) stopped. (I say "I think", because it hasn't acted up in long enough that I think this particular ailment is now extinct, but maybe it's just dormant.)

So earlier this week, I managed to somehow sprain my surgically repaired knee while sleeping. (Yes, sleeping. Apparently, I rolled over in the wrong way or something.) The muscle on the forward inside part of the knee was sore to the touch.

Except two days later, the muscle on the outside rear of the knee started screaming instead. And it was hurting pretty violently for a couple of days.

Until I made a stupid mis-move that hurt a lot. And then it started getting better.

Why exactly moves that trigger extreme pain are part of the healing process baffles me. It's not like there are adhesions that I'm breaking loose in these cases.