October 14th, 2012

Rained Out

We had planned to take Katie and Julie out to the pumpkin patch today, but, although it was quite warm enough to want to go, the associated rain meant that everything would be wet and muddy. And since the rain was continuing, we'd be pretty soaked before long.

So we went home instead. daisy_knotwise entertained the girls while I went upstairs to work on the cover for What's a Hoosier?. I hadn't finished when I heard a siren. Oops. That's a real siren.

A quick Google search said that we were under a tornado watch, so we bundled everyone out to the basement for fifteen minutes to wait out the passage of the storm cell. As far as I know, we didn't actually have any tornadic activity in the area, just a lot of straight-line wind, which can be quite bad enough.

So everyone was safe, Katie and Julie got the lesson about what to do in case of a storm emergency, and we went back to what we'd been doing.

Yeah, a good day to skip the pumpkin patch.