December 16th, 2012

Boxing Day

I ordered 20 custom boxes from Box Jedi, because it's been impossible to find new boxes to haul our CDs to conventions in. The large boxes that we're currently using pre-date the Millenium Philcon and look it.

It ended up costing me around five dollars / box including shipping, which was a painfully large amount, but which should -- in theory! -- solve the problem for a long time. Assuming that the boxes actually fit. I was impressed when the company called to give me the tracking number for the shipment since their e-mail was misbehaving and they couldn't send it that way. And the boxes arrived on a timely basis.

Then they sat for a few days, because that's what it's like around here. But today, I popped them out of the shipping box and started folding.

And everything fits correctly. Of course, the boxes are so new that it will take a while for the top flaps to stay down of their own accord. :)

Uphill Against Entropy

Yesterday, we managed to wash three loads of shirts in and around everything else we were doing.

Today, we washed two loads of shirts and three loads of kid clothes. We also made a full frontal assault on the kid toys in the family room.

The giant bin of kid toys has been emptied and exiled to the basement. The contents were decanted into three smaller bins, two of which have been exiled to the basement to be brought up in rotation. The remaining bin is where the giant bin was sitting at the end of the couch, meaning that we can now get close to the DVD shelf with all of the parental DVDs on it for the first time in recent memory.

The five small bins of kids DVDs have been decanted onto a small DVD shelf that we already had that fits in that space. The dying Norfolk pine in the corner of the room behind the toys has been removed to the back porch to be dismembered and disposed of. This made room for us to bring the old collapsible bookcase that had once been our mail shelf back up from the basement and use it as a repository for toys, many of which were decanted into the five bins that had held DVDs shortly before. Things that didn't fit in bins, such as the toy cash register, went onto the shelf to sit.

A number of outgrown toys are being designated for donation to charity. A pile of McDonald's toys and the like are going to Capricon to be dismembered by children's programming.

And there is a very full bag of garbage.

It's not perfect by any means. But it's progress.