February 11th, 2013

That's Better

My new shoes arrived on Thursday, but between the weather and heading to a convention where I'd be doing a lot of walking, I decided to wait until today to pull them out and put them on. My ankles were screaming by the end of the con.

Today, with new shoes and new arch supports, my ankles are much happier.

Thanks, ClearCase!

I had to destroy and recreate the .wdproj file for the web site deployment project here at work in order to make it work with .NET 4.0. Unfortunately, it didn't get checked in, because Remote ClearCase didn't notice it was checked out (or hijacked) when I searched for changed files, apparently because there was a discordance.

When we realized that there was a discordance and I tried to check the file in, ClearCase managed to lose all of my changes.

So I built it again.

It didn't take that long, but it certainly was annoying.