February 13th, 2013

Knocking Them Down

Today, our testers fixed up the directory that IIS was trying to write to and -- surprise! -- the testing web site started working again.

Later, I figured out how to increase the speed of one of our export processes by a factor of four or five, which should solve a problem that we've been having at a client site, I hope. (This all assumes that my test translates to their environment, which would be good if it did.)

Earlier in the day, we'd been getting a briefing on how another of our export processes works. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of setting up the export that all the things that should have been working decided not to. This may well end up on my list of things to investigate.

Right after I fix the problem with consolidation. Yes, I know. I spent over a year fixing up consolidation and the locks that surround it.

Unfortunately, those changes haven't yet made it into the current code line.