March 13th, 2013


daisy_knotwise is on her second day of antibiotics and is feeling much better.

Last night's headache and congestion persisted until this morning when I took a decongestant and started forcing fluids. I am not 100% yet, but I am also much better.

The fixes I put in for the memory leaks in our product appear to have worked, although they still need to go through a round of testing by the QE department. I am sure there are still some memory leaks, but the ones that I fixed were big ones, so the product is much better. (I downloaded 300 files from the server last night and two different processes leaked over a gigabyte of memory each. Eep! I appear to have eliminated 99.2% of the leaks. :) The remaining leaks can be exterminated later.)

Ah! And due to a cancellation, I have a concert on Friday night at Marcon.

And that's the news from this corner of the universe...