April 4th, 2013

I Hate ClearCase

As of last night, both of my machines that are using Remote ClearCase were messed up. One machine was refusing to find files that should have been in a view. On the other machine, the computer had hung while running a big merge and had to be restarted with the big red switch. After that, it would no longer display any of my existing views in CCRC. Nor would it let me add them back.

Our ClearCase support guy managed to figure out that the problem with the first machine was that I had mangled the view configuration for the view, which was what was causing it to fail. My boss had created a branch for me before leaving on vacation, but had mangled the typing in the view configuration script that he had sent so that it wouldn't parse. In the process of fixing that, I erroneously removed some things that were necessary. Once the support guy found the problem, that was easily fixed.

Did I mention that I have never had any ClearCase training? Or that there is no available documentation (that I have found) on how to write a view configuration script?

Meanwhile, on the other machine, we uninstalled CCRC. We reinstalled CCRC. It still didn't work. We downloaded the CCRC installer, uninstalled, and reinstalled again. Still no joy.

Sometime this evening, I managed to Google up the solution. I renamed the .ccase_wvreg file. This got the old views out of the way so that I could readd them one at a time. And the .copyarea files in the view that had been being merged when the system crashed were hosed.

I am now trying to find out if there's any way to restore the view. If not, I guess I'll just create a new one.

With a different name, because ClearCase will surely not let me reuse the old name.

*thud* *thud* *thud*