August 17th, 2013

There's 104 Days of Summer Vacation

And they are rapidly slipping away. It's been cold for most of a month now, at least relative to wanting to go to the pool. It was warm enough today that we went to Mystic Waters, which will be closed until next weekend and then shut down for the year. Much splashing around occurred.

Next week, it's going to be really warm, since Mystic Waters is closed. However, the nearby pool that was rebuilt last year will be open from 4-7 each evening, so I expect we'll be going there a few times next week.

Thursday, we take Katie's supplies over to first grade and meet her teacher.

Monday of the following week, Katie starts school and we drop off Julie's school supplies with her kindergarten teachers.

And then on Wednesday, Julie starts kindergarten.

Things will be very different around here.