August 30th, 2013

In Honor of the End of the Time Warp

I hadn't mentioned this, because I was afraid that I was going to "fall off the wagon" -- or, in this case, the exercycle -- but I have been on the exercycle every workday since the last week of June, with the exception of a couple of days when we were off to conventions where I would be doing plenty of heavy lifting anyway. I have even managed to keep it up with the girls going off to school this week. And that whole "going off to school" thing has resulted in a massive (and painful) rearrangement of sleep schedules around here.

My chosen reading for some time has been the collection of vintage Time magazines that I once subscribed to, but never had time to read. I have been working through mid-2007 lately and marveling at just how wrong everything was that we knew then. Also, I idly wonder whatever happened to the non-stinky durian that one fellow had developed. (A brief web search finds more articles from 2007 and nothing since then.)

However, I am running out of Time. Unless there is still another box of them cached in Katie and Julie's closet, I am going to have to find something else to read next week while pedaling away.