September 12th, 2013

Don't Fence Me In

On Tuesday, a section of our wooden fence mysteriously crashed to the ground. (I say "mysteriously", although I am convinced that little girls were climbing on it, despite their denials.)

On Wednesday, whl came by visiting and helped me nail the section of fence back to the posts. However, there were several boards on our elderly fence that had not survived this mistreatment, so I drove over to Home Depot and snagged eight replacement boards, because it struck me that there were probably some other boards that needed replacement while I was at it.

And then I called samwinolj, because I clearly needed a circular saw that I did not own, but which Sam did.

So Sam came by today and we made substantial repairs to the fence, nailing a few more panels back to their posts and replacing six boards that needed it -- and renailing a few more boards that needed that.

The fence remains imperfect, but it is now much less imperfect than it was. :)

Recording? Not So Much

My voice is still recovering from the bronchitis, although it is much better. It's still not quite where I want it to be though to record the last two tracks for The Grim Roper. The bonus track, "The Candy Tree", isn't too difficult.

"Dream Rider", however, is a pain. It is the track from the original album where I didn't have enough voice to sing it when I was trying to track it in the key that I had written it in (do we see a pattern here?), so we electronically pitch-shifted my poor guitar to a key where I could sort of sing it, although it became the funkiest sounding 12-string ever. (Remember, we're talking about technology that is now 25 years old.) I have never quite forgiven the poor song for this.

So the song was originally written in D. When I finally decided I was going to have to beat this song into submission again, I took advantage of 25 years of additional practice and transposed it to G, which is a much better key to sing it in right now.

I pulled it out today to practice it, because that seemed like a good idea before deciding to really annoy myself in the studio while messing it up. And I have now interpolated a new set of chords to go between verses and a variant on that progression to go into the big, huge, canyonesque pause in the final line of the third verse.

I am much happier with the song now.

With any luck, I'll record it tomorrow. :)