January 4th, 2014

Here Comes the Snow Again

We're forecast to get another two to four inches of snow tonight. This is nothing compared to the blast that our recent house guests, Jen, Maddie, and Katie (and Phil, who had to stay home due to work) are about to see down in central Indiana. Accordingly, they headed home ahead of our snow so that they can be all battened down when their snow arrives.

We've seen more snow here in the past (the 24 inches on Groundhog Day three years ago come to mind, along with the twin New Year's Eve / New Year's Day storms that dropped about the same in two installments around the turn of the century), but this is getting to be monotonous. :)

(Sadly, the oldest digital photos that I've found on my computer are from 2002, which are just a bit later than the shots of daisy_knotwise and I standing next to the enormous piles of snow that we shoveled off the driveway after the New Year's storm. By the next year, we bought a snow blower...)