March 2nd, 2014

Slowly Filling the Closet

Having rebuilt the library closet last weekend, daisy_knotwise and I spent some time starting to fill it this weekend. I soon discovered that I needed to move the topmost deep shelf down, because it was simply too high to be able to get many items onto it past the door frame. Fortunately, it was relatively straightforward to drop it several inches, which improved the access to that shelf and the less-deep shelf above it and allowed me to stow some things away up there.

Gretchen spent some time going through her mother's things that had been in the closet and found a number of interesting items, including what appear to be medals that she won for singing in high school. It'll take some more time to sort everything out, of course, but some obvious trash has been trashed, some of the usable things have been freecycled or earmarked for the next AmVets collection, and some of the things that we want to keep have been put back away.

And the one guitar that had been in the room and wouldn't fit back into the closet, my Guild 12-string that was my go-to guitar for many years, has been tagged to come upstairs where I will pull it out and play it again a bit more often than has happened lately.

So it's progress.