March 9th, 2014

A Change of Plans

daisy_knotwise and I thought that we were going to get a great many things done this afternoon. But then Katie and Julie decided that they wanted to go play with the neighbor girls, so we ended up doing something else.

That something was cleaning up the big shelf in the garage that is supposed to hold the Sam's Club-sized packages of toilet paper and paper towels (and, lately, the box of pretzel packs for school lunches), but which had become so covered in other things that we couldn't put anything away there or find anything that we'd already put there. While Gretchen dropped the girls off at the neighbors (avoiding the trek across the still-frozen tundra in the backyard), I brought in everything that wasn't supposed to be on the shelf.

This included a great many Saturday and Sunday Chicago Tribunes that had never been read, some dating back to November.

So I set out to read -- well, skim -- them and eventually finished. (Most laughable headline: "Most of the drivers on the Illinois Tollway are speeding". This was more or less "Dog Bites Man" in terms of actual news content.)

The recycling bin will be very heavy next week.