April 16th, 2014

A Letter From Donald Rumsfeld

I worked briefly for G.D. Searle as a summer intern and once met Donald Rumsfeld at a meeting that included all of the summer interns that the company had hired; thus, I remember him, although I am nigh unto certain that he does not remember me. :)

And as I was cruising the Internet this morning, I found this letter from the man which reminded me of what I was thinking as I looked over my tax returns yesterday.

Your mileage may vary...

Mystery Ham

Because the girls were in the school musical today, Julie didn't go to afternoon kindergarten at the ELC. daisy_knotwise picked her up and took her to lunch at McDonald's instead. But because routine was being broken, Gretchen actually prepared a packed lunch for her that Julie didn't eat.

This afternoon, I found the baggie of ham sitting on top of the closed-top wastebasket upstairs.

I am not entirely sure why it was there.

But I note that the cookies that were packed for lunch were not there.