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Bill Roper's Journal
May 24th, 2014 
So here I am, sitting in my back yard, facing north, and waiting for a meteor shower that may or may not shower. There's way too much sky light, but I would have killed for a sky this clear when we went out to see the big Leonid shower.

I guess I'll see what we get.
The meteor shower last night was pretty much a bust from my point of view. I think I saw two meteors in an hour, which was less a shower than a drizzle. (Not my line, but a good one.)

Staying up late meant I was a bit short on sleep and late getting moving this morning, but we managed to complete most of the preparations for Julie's belated birthday party on time anyway. :) Eighteen little boys and girls ran around our back yard for two hours, mostly eschewing the planned activities in favor of blowing up and bouncing around balloons. Hot dogs, cake, and ice cream did occur in a timely fashion, because, well, cake!

And a good time was had by all. :)
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