July 15th, 2014

Lots of Odd

It's a bit annoying when the Cardinals pitchers give up all of the runs given up by the NL in the All-Star Game.

I have concluded that there is no way to write a multithreaded topological sort that is more efficient in terms of resource utilization than the current single-threaded sort. Had I only reached this conclusion sooner...

I have spent today charging and updating various devices so that they are ready for Detcon this weekend. I also had to get the Verizon Jetpack reactivated, because they just shut it down if you haven't used it for a while, which is why it didn't work at Marcon earlier this year. I forecast further inconvenience in the future.

I still need to rip the new CDs to the filk iPod so that customers can hear them.

And Joe Biden is coming to town, which means getting into the convention center to unpack on Thursday is going to be problematic.