August 28th, 2014

Lots of Odd

Thanks to everyone for the lovely anniversary wishes!

I am getting asymptotically closer to being rid of this bronchitis. Soon, I may have my voice back.

Julie has taken her two most recent pills without incident, although daisy_knotwise has been required to get the capsule wet to soften the end and then flatten the ends of the capsule to make it "smaller" before Julie will swallow it. This is another Small Child Mystery (TM).

Katie is offended because she lost a point today at school for not returning her homework which Gretchen took out of the school folder by mistake, thinking it was being returned to us. Gretchen plans to drop a note to Katie's teacher to let her know that it was not Katie's mistake. :)

Katie is reading every night as part of her homework. She's required to read for 15 minutes and I have installed a giant stopwatch on her tablet so that she can tell when 15 minutes is up. I think she just likes the giant stopwatch.

The tablets continue to be the most popular of the gifts from last Christmas. Well, I guess I got that one right. :)